The Losers Club Kids Finish Filming ‘IT: Chapter Two’

Andy Mushietti blew fans and skeptics away with his new adaptation of Stephen King’s terrifying novel, IT. Audiences around the world adored his portrayal of the younger versions of the mischievous and rag-tag “Losers’ Club”. Although they all seem to have complete potty-mouths, this realistic group of young protagonists were instantly relatable and lovable. Now the actors who portray these kids have just finished filming for the upcoming sequel.




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While the sequel plans to take place twenty-seven years after the events of the initial film, there are sequences of flashbacks of which the younger cast had to film. Although the importance of these flashbacks have yet to have their use and relevance defined, the young cast has just recently wrapped up their roles and scenes. This leaves only the adult cast left to finish filming before the movie is set to be released on September 6th, 2019. 


Muschietti has kept most of the plot and development of King’s adaptation under wraps, and although he did release a quick teaser during Comic-Con, most of the substance of the film is up for speculation. Muschietti also hinted at the greater importance of the younger cast’s scenes, stating how these flashbacks will help paint the picture for the events of the future and are indeed key factors of the overall plot.







As they finished wrapping up, most of the cast-mates showed there excitement for the near completion of the project via an iconic and sweet group picture. In the picture, we see Fin Wolfhard, Jaeden Lieberher, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff, and Jack Dylan Grazer as they pose to say farewell to the production and thank those who got them through it:




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As the sequel will revolve around the adult lives of the Losers’ Club, we can only expect bigger scares and even more scenes that will mess us up psychologically. Here’s hoping that this next sequel joins the ranks of amazing Stephen King adaptations, as well as iconic horror movies.




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