‘The Lion King’ Actress to Star as Powerful Psychic in ‘Doctor Sleep’

Do you remember how Ewan McGregor is going to star in Stephen King’s horror movie sequel Doctor Sleep? Now, we have another sparkling star who’s gonna shine in the film! Kyliegh Curran, the young actress in the musical The Lion King on Broadway and the movie I Can I Will I Did (2017), is confirmed to play Abra Stone, a powerful psychic in the Stephen King’s novel-based film Doctor Sleep.




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According to Deadline, the production of Doctor Sleep, the cinematic sequel of The Shinning (1980), is directed and screen-scripted by Mike Flanagan and will star Ewan McGregor (as Danny Torrance), Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe, and Zahn McClarnon. Check out more info about the main character Danny and what McGregor thinks about him here.


There’s another important character in the story named Abra Stone. She’s a young girl who’s been emitting her superpower since she was a baby. The power, like Danny’s, is called “the shinning”. When born with this power, the gifted people can see/hear/talk to the spirits in the air. Moreover, the gift of the shinning allows people to see through the future. For instance, Abra has told her parents the premonitions she’s had about 9/11. The power continues to grow with the gifted. When Abra turns twelve, she’s strong enough to predict the cancer in her grandmother’s body. 



Kyliegh Curran was chosen to play Abra Stone out of roughly 800 girls nationwide through the casting. Curran used to play young Nala, the girlfriend of Simba, in the musical The Lion King. She’s talented in acting as the writer-director Mike Flanagan tweeted, “Very excited about our Abra… shine on, Kyliegh.”



From a Lion King girl to a powerful psychic, how’s this transformation going to amaze us? Looking forward to the horror vibes! Doctor Sleep will hit theaters on Jan. 24, 2020.




Featured Image Via pinterest.com.mx and Stephen King Wiki – Fandom