The Lion King 2019 Teaser Trailer Divides Fans

Last week Disney released their first trailer of the CGI remake of The Lion King and it has been met with super mixed reactions!


Depending on who you ask, the upcoming film is expected to be either a nostalgic, emotionally stirring experience, or a waste of time for the sake of corporate gain; or maybe somewhere in between.


Lion King Side-By-Side Newborn Simba Comparison

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The original animated film came out in 1994, and was based on William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Beloved by many, songs like “Circle of Life” and many others remain popular to this day!


The 2019 remake will be coming out just in time to celebrate the original’s 25th anniversary! Perfect for kids and teens of the 90s to share their love of the film with their kids; or have a long-winded “back-in-my-day” rant!


Showcasing visuals reminiscent of the old film, the new teaser trailer recreates the Pridelands in a more realistic form. We hear the sultry sound of James Earls Jones’ voice, and see the celebrated birth of the Prince Lion Cub Simba in realistic CGI.



Take a look for yourself!




A week later and opinion is divided!



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you’re lion if you’re not excited for the new lion king movie

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Negative Youtube Comment

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90s kids flooding into the theater to see The Lion King next year…

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This was a video idea that came to my mind when they dropped the trailer for the remake of The Lion King.

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This fan even made video comparing the new and the old was made in response!




In spite of feelings being split, the trailers has one of the most views on YouTube already! According to the site Fandom, it’s #2 in their Top 10 list of “Most Viewed Online Trailers in the First 24 Hours”. With over 40 million views and counting, the 2019 Lion King ranks just under the Avengers: Infinity War’s first trailer.


Fandom's Top 10

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Whether you’re looking forward to it or not you have to admit, it’s growing in popularity! I think we can expect it to do well when it hits theaters next year.



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