‘The Lightning Thief’ Will Have a Musical Twist This January!

The Lightning Thief was the book that, for many, started a magical journey that would stay with the reader for a lifetime. Rick Riordan masterfully crafted a beautiful, dangerous, and beyond unique setting with a blend of our modern reality with mythological deities, locations, and creatures. Now, the story that started it all is getting a fresh new adaptation. One that Apollo would be proud of.




Image Via The Hanover Theatre



Rick Riordan’s story will be adapted into a musical play! The play is scheduled to tour the U.S. this January, but the songbook will soon be available October 5th. Percy and the other lovable cast of creatures and demigods have long deserved a good adaptation after the poorly received film adaptations a couple years ago. 


The play first debuted at the Lucille Lortel Theatre in an Off-Broadway attempt. So far the reviews have been positive, so hopes are high for fans. This version of Percy Jackson’s story is sure to be well received while also lending its own unique style to its presentation. The musical will be produced by Theatreworks USA, Martian Entertainment, Greg Schaffert Productions, and Lang Entertainment Group, in partnership with The Road Company. 




Image Via Sight-Loss Support Group of Central PA



For more info on the production or for pricing on tickets check out The lightning Thief’s website here. Don’t forget to pre-order your copy of the songbook so you don’t lag behind at the show!





Featured Image Via The Knockturnal