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The Library of Congress Changed Its Logo and It Isn’t Going Over Well

The Library of Congress just unveiled their new logo to replace their eight-year-old one and it isn’t exactly going over too well with the public. 


The largest library in the world revamped their logo in order to reflect their concept of the library as a “treasure chest, filled with limitless information and services, ready to explore and amaze if you open it up.”


“A fresh visual identity is intended to signal that something new is happening here, and we want you to be a part of it,” wrote Library of Congress Librarian Carla Hayden.


Designed by Pentagram, the logo is a simplified version of their previous logo with the exception of its blue book icon and with the addition of the word ‘library’.



Former Logo Compared to New Logo



Though the simple change in design may seem like no big deal, it has in fact been the very reason many people don’t seem to like it. The double ‘library’ in the logo also has people scratching their heads with the question of why it was needed in the first place.


On the Library of Congress’ blog, where they unveiled their new logo, one user named Ryan wrote in the comments section, “‘Library Library of Congress’ Seriously?”


Other members of the public felt that the new logo design didn’t reflect the passionate vision that the library spoke of.


One user named ‘Bitter Betty’ wrote:

Lovely concept but that new logo. A generic bold font spelling out “LIBRARY” has so little visual identity, it might as well not even exist. You speak about a treasure chest full of endless possibility, but where is the magic and personality? The new logo feels like an after thought and doesn’t express your mission at all. 


Brand New, a branch of website Under Consideration which reports on corporate and brand logos, published an in-depth analysis of the Library of Congress’ logo and commentators were much more vocal about their dislike of it.  


Here are just some of the comments:








Though there were a few commentators who were more receptive to the new logo, they certainly did not outweigh those who strongly disliked it.


In the same article Brand New published a poll asking users their opinions of the new logo. A whopping 70 percent of voters had a ‘bad’ opinion of the new logo compared to 23 percent who said it was ‘fine’ and just 6 percent who said it was ‘great’. 


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