The Land of Oz Gets a Steampunk Redux in ‘The O.Z.’

Readers, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.

David Pepose, writer of Spencer & Locke, has created a Kickstarter for his new comic book The O.Z. Based upon the classic novel and film, The Wizard of Oz, Pepose’s illustrated version presents a steampunk twist.

Dorothy Gale has carried on her grandmother’s name – yes, the very one who defeated the Wicked Witch of the West herself. Will she also choose to carry on the legacy of her bravery? A veteran of the Iraq war, Dorothy is thrown into The Occupied Zone (aka “The O.Z.”) after a tornado devastates Kansas. Proving to be a battlefield that is not dissimilar to her experiences in the army, Dorothy must navigate O.Z. with the help of her warrior friends – the Tin Soldier, Scarecrow, and Courageous Lion.

Image via Kickstarter


Described as The Hurt Locker meets The Wizard of Oz, Pepose discussed what sparked his inspiration for a revamped interpretation.

“Filtering through the war genre made sense from a narrative standpoint. In Baum’s original novel, Dorothy crash-lands in Oz, kills the Wicked Witch, and then returns home to Kansas. Wouldn’t that sudden decapitation strike cause just as much chaos and political turmoil as any other U.S.-backed regime change [today]?”


Kickstarter rewards will include many perks, such as:

  • Limited edition variant covers
  • Behind-the-scenes materials (scripts and colors)
  • Limited edition sketch cards
  • Black-and-white head sketch commissions by Ruben Rojas
  • The opportunity to have yourself drawn into the book

If the Kickstarter for the first issue is successful, two more campaigns will follow.

Featured image via Kickstarter