Used Books

The Joy of Used Bookstores

So you feel like taking a trip to the bookstore…You’re itching for a new book, even though you have 10 that you still need to read. One cannot describe the feeling of a new book. There are a series of happy emotions that course through your body when you realize that a book is going home with you, so you’re always looking for more.

Nowadays, when buying books, I have a problem. I want to buy a lot of books, but they’re all too expensive. Usually, buying three books totals around $50 or so, depending on the price of each. Three books for $50 is excessive. But, I’ve found a solution. 

Image courtesy of Giphy

Used bookstores combine two loves: books and cheap prices. Yes, some of the books are not brand-spanking-new, but that’s the joy of it. You get to inherit a book from a previous owner. They might have left a little note in the book, an old bookmark, or notes in the margin of the book. A used book is a gift from the book Gods. Not only are the books kind of like little treasures, but they’re cheap! You don’t have to break your bank when buying books. Yesterday, I bought 3 books for $18. That is a steal. I have been looking to complete a collection of a series I love and I found two of the books I needed at the used bookstore! 

Image courtesy of Giphy

I will definitely be a frequent customer. Head over to your local independent or used bookstore! You won’t regret it. 



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