The Internet’s Response to Creepy ‘Cats’ Trailer Is Just Purrrfect

The trailer for the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webbers’ Cats: The Musical, based on the poems of T.S. Eliot, has arrived and the memelords have a lot to say about it.

Yesterday the behind-the-scene footage of the Broadway movie adaptation was at released on YouTube by One Media.




The video gives us an idea of how the film will look, and how the famous actors have begun their transformation into the dancing cats we fell in love with back in the 80s. With the help of movie magic, and incredible set design, the movie looks like it could be a charming adventure. The internet on the other hand, have taken in the very serious and passionate video and shared what is absolutely hilarious about it.


Even the actors must have had a laugh about the set



so over dramatic




Take a look at the trailer with your own eyes before you look at these hilarious reactions and judge it for yourself.



Now that you went through that, here is a little of the internet’s reaction.


What everyone saw…


How everyone reacted…



What the movie is contributing to society



At least someone likes it…



And for the people who’s eyes are burning



As bizarre as it is to see celebrities dancing around as Cats, the performances do look enchanting all in their own unique way. It definitely is a film for the fans of the original Broadway musical. As for everyone else, well, at least you could say you tried after the film is released.



Featured Image via Heavy