The Internet Has a Lot of Feelings About Bob Dylans Nobel Prize

We’ve heard the news. You’ve heard the news. Let’s not dwell on retellings and re-enactments. While many are happy to see that the 2016 title of Nobel Laureate has reached its feelers into oral tradition and spoken word, others see Dylan’s win as a backhanded dis to the literary community. This latter group is saying really?, and feeling that the attention and power a laureate receives could be better used in another’s hands.

Because upset rings louder than praise in the dark hashtagged void that is Twitter, storm of berating tweets we’ve seen this week is really no surprise. There have been, however, a handful of notables quite happy with this year’s winner, all ready to throw the Nobel an atta-boy.

Here’s a few that caught our eye. 


The Happy Campers!

Aaand the Not-So-Happy Campers…

Let’s be honest the upset tweets are far funnier. Nonetheless, and if Twitter is any indicator to the literary climate this week, it’s a bit of a divisive win. Where do you stand on the matter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!


Featured image courtesy of Huffington Post.