‘The Inferno’ Hits the Big Screen

Robert Langdon returns! It’s been 7 years since the second installment of Dan Brown‘s Langdon series, Angels and Demonswas released in theaters. The professor/detective/adventurer is set to return to the silver screen on October 28th for the fourth installment. 

Inferno sees Langdon waking up in a hospital in Florence, with no recollection of preceding events. All he knows is that some very dangerous people are out to get him. He is once again thrust into a world of conspiracy and secret society as he attempts to decode a mysterious map of Dante’s hell. In proper Brown style, the movie will be an epic scavenger hunt covering European history, symbology, Christian conspiracy, and an impending cataclysm.  

Ron Howard is behind the camera once again, teaming up with screenwriter-extraordinaire, David Koepp.  The film also stars Felicity Jones, and will feature music by Hans Zimmer.  


Featured image courtesy of Screen Rant