‘The Hunger Games’ Prequel’s Out, So Here’s The Need To Know

Happy reading The Hunger Games prequel, and may the odds of finishing before May 29th be ever in your favor…

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Well, my fellow Hunger Games fans, the day has finally arrived: The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes is finally out! It is my grand pleasure to announce that I had received my own hardcover copy in the mail today – the “B&N Exclusive Edition YA Book Club” copy to be exact, which includes a special Q&A with the author herself Suzanne Collins at the end – and it even came with a cute decal sticker (see below).


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Now, I have to say: the book itself is insanely thick, like thicker than any one of the main books, probably even slightly longer than any two of the main books… So, it will definitely keep you busy, but hopefully not too long, as just ten days from today, there will be a special – and virtual – B&N YA Book Club event on the topic of this precious THG release, as noted in the video featuring B&N YA Book Club guest David Levithan at the bottom of the B&N info page of the prequel here.

(Also, on that very page, you can actually listen to Collins’s reading of an excerpt of the novel, in case you don’t have the book in your hands already – and if that really is the case, what are you waiting for?!)





But anyway, if you are one of the unlucky ones who didn’t get the book today – whether as a hard copy or even as an ebook – but still want a taste of what’s to come, the need to know about it can be found in my previous article about the prequel’s premise, as well as a fresh(ish) piece of news that makes the story even juicier than it already is… – and trust me: the news I’m about o share caught me off-guard as well as you’re about to be!

*Slight spoiler in regards to pre-publication news of the book*

The biggest thing to note has to do with a certain connection Snow has to a character we were already familiar with, specifically in MockingjayPart 2, to be exact – and that is the fact that his cousin is – wait for it…








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Yep, I know: I was scrambling for where that could’ve been brought up in Mockingjay as well. It was actually confirmed by the official THG Twitter account, so yeah: that makes it official!

So, if you have the time to actually reread Mockingjay, just look out for when Tigris is on the scene, because with this new context, it adds a whole layer to it! (More info on the Snow-Tigris connection here.)

Happy reading The Hunger Games prequel, and may the odds of finishing before May 29th be ever in your favor…



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