Cast of Twilight and Cast of Hunger Games

The Hunger Games and Twilight Aren’t Over

Lionsgate, the film production company behind billion dollar franchises ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Hunger Games’ have said that they are interested in taking both stories further.


The Twilight Saga raked in $3.344 billion over its five movies, while The Hunger Games grossed $2.968 billion. 



Bella and Edward in Twilight

Image Courtesy of Freeform


Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said:


“There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories.”


He went on to say that the studio would only proceed with plans for more installments with the permission of ‘Twilight’ author Stephenie Meyer and ‘The Hunger Games’ author Suzanne Collins.  



Featured Image Courtesy of The Emory Wheel and CinemaBlend