The House-Flipping Property Bros Wrote Another Kids Book!

‘Property Brothers’ Jonathan and Drew Scott have written a second book, ‘Better Together,’ for their children’s series ‘Builder Brothers.’

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Real estate flippers Drew and Jonathan Scott debuted their second children’s book, Builder Brothers: Better Together, on Tuesday with HarperCollins, according to PEOPLE. They released the first book in the same series, Builder Brothers: Big Plans, in October of 2018.


Whereas Big Plans focuses on the story of two brothers who work together to build a fantastical doghouse for the family dogs, Better Together follows two young brothers who build separate racing cars to win a soap box derby. Spoiler alert: They find they actually do better when they work together. The Scotts based the sequel on their own experiences with sibling rivalry growing up, and both hope their books will inspire children to build healthier relationships with siblings and friends.


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Drew and Jonathan Scott famously star in HGTV’s Property Brothers, a reality television show in which the brothers help homebuyers with a deadline renovate a dilapidated property.

Drew and Jonathan help young families create fresh, happy spaces where they can build their lives. Along a similar vein, both brothers hope their books open an equally welcome space in children’s literature where creativity knows no bounds in construction.

The brothers have published two books together previously, and outside of the children’s genre, which are Dream Home (a renovating guide) and It Takes Two (a memoir).




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