The Haunting of Ikea: What Makes ‘Horrorstör’ Great?

**This review is spoiler free**

Horror author Grady Hendrix’s stories are off-the beaten path, that’s for sure. Nowhere is this more accurate than in Horrorstör, his horror-satire novel set in where else but an Ikea knockoff in Colombus, Ohio.

The story revolves around Orsk, an American knock off of Ikea, and the dissatisfying lives of the people who work there. Something strange is happening though. Every morning they find merchandise destroyed, and nobody can figure out why. Three employees, (plus two who snuck in, convinced that the store is haunted. Spoiler: it is,) stay the night shift to figure out what exactly is going on, only to find the truth is more horrifying than they could have imagined.


Cleverly designed to look like an Ikea catalogue with information about different products every chapter, Horrorstör becomes a completely immersive experience. As the story becomes darker, the contents of the magazine becomes increasingly warped. The reader becomes trapped in the nightmare world of Orsk, along with the employees and ghosts.

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Horrorstör is filled with snappy, intelligent dialogue, and each character is clearly defined (protagonist Amy is a typical slacker; Basil is a browbeaten, nervous assistant manager; Trinity is a wildchild). The satire, which lampoons both American consumerism and the ‘grind-til-you-die’ mindset, is absolutely biting. For example, and this is trying to be as spoiler-free as possible, the Orsk employees are forced to perform never-ending meaningless tasks in order to “cure them.”


Horrorstör is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable read. It is just the right amount of funny and disturbing. If you’re a seasoned horror veteran or new to the genre, you’ll sail right through it. So kick back on your Brooka, and read it today.

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