The Harry Potter Alliance Charity Fundraiser Needs YOU!

The Harry Potter Alliance (HPA) is launching its fourth annual virtual race, the HPA House Cup Marathon. For all you wizards and witches out there, this is your chance to once again use your combined strength and help make the world a better place! For those who do not know, The Harry Potter Alliance holds a fundraiser each year to donate to charity and help others.



This year’s virtual race will be twenty-six miles long and will take them on a cyber-tour of Edinburgh, Scotland. It will be held virtually by Racery as the provider for keeping track of distance. Racery can be accessed by any iOS and Android, so have no fear, for all can join in! Recruit your friends and family for some peer-to-peer fundraising and to increase your donations as well as your House’s contribution. Each House will be competing for each other, however you also have the choice to contribute for all houses instead of just a specific one.




Image via Brentwood Home Page



Last year, The HPA raised over $100,000 for the last charity cause. This year they’re hoping to outdo that total, and with your help they can! Registration is open through August 16th. The event officially began on July 30 but it ends on August 30, so there is still time to contribute. Participants will earn a medal and can purchase an exclusive event T-shirt in the House colors of their choice. More details about joining can be found on their website here.



Proceeds from the HPA House Cup Marathon will go towards the newest cause, named Neville Fights Back. The HPA’s goal is to provide substantial support for migrant families and communities in the United States. Please help fight the social injustices that we currently face, and more importantly give your part in helping another denizen of this beautiful world of unlimited magic!




Featured Image Via The Harry Potter Alliance