The Handmaids Tale Adaptation in the Works

Margaret Atwood is on fire! The Canadian writer has won dozens of awards, including this year’s PEN Printer Prize. Her debut graphic novel is about to drop (sneak peek here), and The Handmaid’s Tale, arguably her most famous book, is getting a television adaptation! The 1990 film adaptation, with a stellar cast including Natasha Richardson, Faye Dunaway, and Robert Duvall, unfortunately received mixed reviews. Hopefully, Hulu will bring us an excellent series of Atwood’s dystopian world. Plus, you can’t go wrong with Elizabeth Moss!


The Handmaid’s Tale is an eerie speculative fiction novel that takes place in the Republic of Gilead, a male-dominated, totalitarian regime. Fertile women are few and far between; any ‘Handmaid’ capable of pregnancy is highly valued for her ovaries only. The story centers on Offred (to be played by Ms. Moss), a fertile Handmaid who remembers the good life before Gilead. The book was a critical success, winner of multiple awards, and is consistently one of the most challenged books

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Eager readers and TV-watchers will have to wait until the show’s release in 2017, but there’s some good news. Margaret Atwood will act as the consulting producer of the 10-episode series, so maybe the show will be a pretty accurate representation of the book.

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