The Guest List: You Really Would Kill to Be on It

Admittedly, I’ve never been the reader who checks the New York Times Best Sellers List for my next book. I gravitate towards the classics and only stray from that for books or authors that others have recommended for me. It was just a few months ago, though, that I decided to change things up a bit and join a book club for the first time. That was how I found myself struggling to get my hands on a copy of Lucy Foley’s The Guest List.


It took me what felt like forever to buy my copy and I was utterly shocked. Does this happen every time you try to buy something off the New York Times Best Sellers List? The Guest List was in the number five spot on the hardcover fiction list at the time that I tried to buy it. This was probably about a month and a half ago, give or take, and I could not find this book anywhere for an immediate purchase. I tried Amazon first (hello, Prime of course) but it would take a few weeks to come in. I checked online at a few different retailers and this was still the case. I even rolled up my sleeves, put on my mask, made the trek out to some local bookstores, and I still couldn’t find it. As someone who’s used to being able to click a button and get my book in a matter of days, this was my worst nightmare.



I definitely experienced way more stress in trying to find this book than I ever imagined I would when I first joined the book club. I couldn’t be that person who doesn’t read the book in time. Luckily, the other members of my club were dealing with the same dilemma. We agreed to push back our meeting date, so I threw in the towel and ordered it on Amazon. Unfortunately, I had to accept the fact that it would take longer than the usual one- or two-day shipping that’s promised by Prime. When my package finally arrived, I ripped it open with my usual “my book came!” enthusiasm. I sat down to read it immediately and finished it in a matter of days. Needless to say it was definitely worth the headache.



Without giving away too much, just know that I’ve mentioned this book to every single person who has asked me for a reading recommendation. For a quick, high-level overview, The Guest List is a mystery novel about a murder that occurs at what sounds like the wedding of the year. The groom is a television hot shot, the bride a successful magazine publisher, and the two combined provide many skeletons waiting to be dug up. Foley kept my interest peaked by rotating the point of view throughout the novel, with flashes to the night of the murder woven in between.



The Guest List has held strongly onto the New York Times Best Sellers list, only having dropped down now to number six. I’ve checked Amazon, and the shipping is back to its normal amount of time. The Guest List is also back on the shelves of my favorite bookstores. Since you hopefully won’t have to deal with the suspense that I did, I highly recommend you grab a mask and go get yourself a copy.