The Good, the Bad, and the Pretentious

Bookstores can be overwhelming. Not only are there thousands of books to choose from, but you are also shoulder to shoulder with some possibly outrageous bookish folk. The bookstore is a sacred place for most people, so here are some tips to surviving your quest for your next favorite book:

Know what you’re looking for

It’s nice to enter a bookstore filled with wanderlust, aimlessly perusing throughthousands upon thousands of whimsical adventures, each one more fascinating than the next. But don’t let your frolicking turn you into an insufferable bookstore customer. Get in, get out, and leave the frolicking for the amateurs. 

Help people reach books

Not all people have the gift of vertical reach. If you see somebody struggling, help them!

Travel light

There is nothing worse than somebody who clears out every aisle because their backpack, briefcase, skateboard, and bicycle combo is too large for anybody else to get by. When you go to the bookstore, try and leave as much of your ‘stuff’ at home. 

Be quiet

I know this is cliche, but it’s true! Books demand a silence. When the average customer is not quite sure which epic novel to indulge in next, the last thing we want to hear is you talking about the latest episode of Westworld with your bff.

Don’t sit in the aisles

It’s cool, we get it. You want to read a few pages of this book before you buy it. Heck, you may even try finishing the whole thing right there and then. But if you’re going to read, don’t block the aisle!

Remember your ABCs

A big part of shopping for books is knowing how to find the ones you’re looking for. Most bookstores categorize their shelves by genre, and then by alphabetical order according to the author’s name. After all, you don’t want to get in trouble for spending too much time in the “weird” section of the bookstore.

Don’t spoil anything!

Let’s say you see somebody pick up a book that you loved. You have the urge to encourage them to buy the book. In your excitement you end up blurting out an important plot twist. Without even realizing it, you have spoiled the book! For shame!

Don’t hog the reading spots

Most bookstores have a few locations where you can sit and spend some time with a book you are thinking about buying. The cozy, leather-bound chair seems to hug you while you read, and suddenly, you are lost in the book. As beautiful as this is, limit yourself. Don’t be the one who hogs the chair all day!

Put books back where you found them

This is not required, but it is a pleasant courtesy. People who work in bookstores and libraries are constantly putting books back 24/7. Why not help them out? Put a book back on the shelf once you are done looking at it.

NEVER take a book into the bathroom

Bringing a book you haven’t bought yet into the bathroom is a huge no no. Imagine all the germs that can get on the book during the time you spend sitting on the toilet. Just don’t do it!


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