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‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel Has Recast Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig

Good news: 2011’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is finally getting a sequel! Bad news: virtually nobody from the first one is returning. It’s just been announced that Daniel Craig’s Mikael Blomkvist will now be portrayed by Swedish actor Sverrir Gudnason. Gudnason will join The Crown’s Claire Foy, who will be taking over the role of Lisbeth Salander from Rooney Mara.


The sequel will be based on David Lagercrantz’s 2015 novel The Girl in the Spider’s Web. It’s strange the sequel will be based on Spider’s Web since it’s the fourth novel in the series and is the first of the books to be written by someone other than original author Stieg Larsson. The second and third books have already been adapted into Swedish films, which audiences generally enjoyed, so that might be part of the reason Sony played hopscotch to get to Spider’s Web.


Spider's Web

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Not only will both lead actors be replaced, but so will director David Fincher. Don’t Breathe and Evil Dead helmer Fede Alvarez will take over for Fincher. The screenplay is written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), Jay Basu, and Alvarez.


Personally, I think the dramatic shift in personnel is alarming, but they’ve also scored some serious talent. Claire Foy’s performance in The Crown is excellent, and Lisbeth Salander is essentially as far as you can get from Elizabeth II. They’re just different people. They have different personalities. And, as much as it hurts to say bye to Fincher, Alvarez is awesome. He’s a killer director. Don’t Breathe is horrifying. Evil Dead is horrifying. He’s good at his job.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web is scheduled to hit theaters October 19, 2018.


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