'Fahrenheit 451'

The First Teaser for HBO’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ Is Here to Give Us One More Thing to Worry About

Let the hype commence for HBO’s upcoming movie adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, as the first teaser trailer has finally dropped. Bradbury’s book came out in 1953, but sixty-five years later, it is still supremely relevant. As fireman Guy Montag (played here by Michael B. Jordan) rides around setting books ablaze, Bradbury’s taking aim at many of our worse habits. What Fahrenheit 451 may deal with most is our obsession with new media, as we toss aside older cultural institutions like books.


The HBO series comes at a great time because even though Bradbury was more concerned about the then-growing obsession with television, we now have smartphones. Things have gotten so much worse. You are probably reading this, in fact, on your smartphone. I am writing this on a computer. Though Bradbury’s book was a stern warning against technological immediacy (i.e. thoughtless acceptance of visual stimuli, like ‘50s television, reddit, or Instagram), it seems as if it’s fallen on deaf ears. Hopefully Bahrani’s retelling will have some impact.


Watch the teaser below and check out some of the promotional pictures as well to get a look at Jordan’s Montag and Michael Shannon’s Captain Beatty. Most importantly, though, set aside a few hours to reread Bradbury’s book.



Fahrenheit 451 will come to HBO this spring.


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Michael Shannon as Captain Beatty. | Image Via HBO


Mike B jord

Michael B. Jordan as Guy Montag. | Image Via HBO


Feature Image Via HBO