The First Official Book on ‘Black Mirror’ Is Coming Soon!

Once Black Mirror released on Netflix in 2011, its effort and vision of emphasizing the use and misuse of technology has successfully pushed not only cyberpunks but young generations to consider the relationship between them and their phones.


Created by Charlie Brooker, the TV series explores the “alternative present” or “near future” that we are almost there: society dominated by AI, parents inserting trackers into their children’s heads, and devices that can create memories loops, etc. Most of the episodes carry darker and satirical tones generating a huge impact on viewers’ process of re-thinking the invention of new technology. Currently, Black Mirror is in its season four.



Image via Penguin

The first official book on Black Mirror will be titled Inside Black Mirror in which BM fans may discover how each episodes is created and how the stories are inspired, brainstormed, collected, and produced. According to Jake Lingwood, the Deputy Managing Director and Publisher at Penguin Random House UK, the book will be a journey in which


Readers sit down with Charlie and Annabel and hear them talk about how they make Black Mirror is like catnip to me and will be all the Black Mirrors fans around the world…The way they generate so many original ideas, develop them and spin them out, making up to six films simultaneously, with six different crews – it’s just extraordinary. Fans are going to be so excited to be able to get inside Charlie’s head, especially. I feel confident in saying that this will be unlike any book written about a TV show ever before – that’s because Black Mirror’s so much more than a TV show.”


So far so good? The book will be be published on 1st November 2018. 

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