The Favorite Author Infographic

Your favorite writers have favorite writers of their own – and what they read has had a huge impact on what you read! Even the greatest writers who ever lived owe a debt to the writers that came before them, and this infographic from Books on the Wall does a great job of illustrating that. Check out the full image below.

Following the lines of the infographic, we see how Anton Chekhov, master of the short story, passed the torch to Raymond Carver. Mark Twain influenced both Ernest Hemingway and William Faulkner, but those two writers didn’t get along that well – perhaps because their other influences were so radically different. The graphic brings us all the way to the modern day, showing us where current masters like Junot Diaz got their style.

It’s no secret that authors have lots of influences, but seeing it laid out visually is really something. Trace your favorite author’s influences backwards to find new writers to read, or sound off in the comments if you think an important influence is missing from the graphic! You can view the infographic below and over at Books on the Wall, where it was originally posted.