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The Fantasy Trilogies George R. R. Martin Wants You to Read

As we sit and wait for the final season of our beloved Game of Thrones, we thought the best thing to do was to read some of George R.R. Martin’s recommendations because .. well, because why not! How amazing is it when you finish a good book KNOWING that there is another one in the series waiting to be cracked open? These book series’ are both trilogies, allowing you three times as much enjoyment of the authors’ masterful creations.


The Kingkiller Chronicle Series, written by Patrick Rothfuss, contains three books in the fantasy genre about a man named Kvothe. The intriguing narration will keep you hooked as it switches between Kvothe’s first person account of his past, and the third person perspectives of many other characters in the present day.


1. The Name of the Wind: Book 1 


The Name of the Wind
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2. The Wise Man’s Fear: Book 2 


The Wise Man's Fear
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3. The Doors of Stone – not yet released


The next series he recommends is The Gormenghast Trilogy written by Mervyn Peake in 1974. Goodreads credits this series as “one of the undisputed fantasy classics of all time.” You can look forward to a ton of magical creatures throughout the series along with Peake’s own drawings as he brings the characters to life.


1. Titus Groan: Book 1


Titus Groan
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2. Gormenghast: Book 2 


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3. Titus Alone: Book 3 


Titus Alone
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