The Fantasy Author Who’s Building an Empire Under Our Noses

Amid the continued growth of fandoms, a fantasy author has been steadily building a fantasy empire to rival the scope of even the largest fictional universes known to the world.

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Amid the continued growth of fandoms, such as George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, and Stan Lee’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, a fantasy author has been steadily building a novel empire to rival the scope of even the largest fictional universes known to the world.



You may have heard of him. You may have even read his work. And it wouldn’t be a surprise, because Brandon Sanderson is widely regarded across the fantasy genre as a writing powerhouse. With over forty books to his name in just sixteen years, some exceeding 1000 pages in length, he stands at the center of a vast multi-series universe that is growing each year.

With his eye on numerous objectives, such as getting his books adapted into film, tv, radio plays, video games, graphic novels, merchandise, and more, Sanderson is due to cross over from successful author to world-wide fantasy phenomenon of the likes of Tolkien and Martin.

What sets him apart from most fantasy authors is his prolificity: J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings comprised his life’s work and George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire has yet to be completed; Brandon Sanderson, on the other hand, has created and fleshed out multiple worlds of similar depth. His production consistency has been such a staple of his brand over the years and he was even trusted to complete the last three installments of the late Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series.




In the fall of 2020, Brandon Sanderson released Rhythm of War, the fourth novel in his magnum opus fantasy series: The Stormlight Archive. The third novel in his YA science fiction series Skyward, called  Cytonic, is scheduled to be published in November of this year, according to the author. On top of that, he has written numerous novellas—some as parts of his major series—which he publishes with a frequency that is lightning-fast for the fantasy genre. According to Brandon Sanderson himself from his weekly YouTube update posted on June 21, he is over halfway finished with the fourth and final book in his Wax & Wayne Series, a spinoff era to his Mistborn Saga.

With such an eclectic output, it would be easy to assume Sanderson’s works as being sloppy or that his characters, settings, and themes are not fully fleshed out. On the contrary, he looks after each step in the process of writing, editing, and publishing along with his dedicated team at Dragonsteel Entertainment LLC. His novel drafts go through as many as five renditions before they are sent to print and are read numerous times by an army of selected beta readers that allow him to finetune his visions.

In line with his foreseeable domination of the fantasy genre, Brandon Sanderson has always embraced the use of artwork in his books, with many possessing illustrated maps and styles unique to the worlds they show.



Though Brandon Sanderson’s empire is on the rise, his high-quality production pace has been led primarily by the desire to write what he thinks is awesome and to create epic stories that will incite enjoyment in fans equivalent to that which he gets from writing them. That, it seems, has been the fuel propelling his author career forward: sheer love of writing and a desire to create stories he is inspired by.

If you haven’t read Brandon Sanderson yet, this is your calling to join the fandom which, in the next decade, will likely be one of the most well-known in modern fantasy. For information about the author, visit