The End of the Era – Encyclopedia Britannica to go out of print as Ebooks and reading on line gain momentum

The New York Times just reported that Encyclopedia Britannica will stop the printing presses on their 2010 edition and they will focus solely on their electronic version. The Encyclopedia Britannica has been in print since 1768 and it is the oldest continuously published encyclopedia in the English language. It was considered a pinnacle of any respected and cultured home to prominently display the black and gold volumes. It is was such a household name that many of us can still remember the car salesman trying to foist these tomes along with the latest brand of vacuum cleaners. However, the times have changed and as more and more people embrace reading online, the younger generation are more familiar with Wikipedia than they are with Encyclopedia Britannica.  The last print edition, which without doubt will become a collector’s item, is available in 32 volumes, weighs 129 pounds, and has 4000 contributors. You will have to fork out $1395 to become an owner, but hurry up with your decision as there are only 4000 copies left.