The ‘Ember in the Ashes’ Series Announces 2 New Books!

One of the first reviews I read from about this books was, “First of all, and I shall repeat myself, this had better not be a standalone novel as the author claims.” This seems to be the consensus from the multiple 5-star reviews An Ember in the Ashes has received.


Luckily for Sabaa Tahir fans, Penguin Young Readers announced that 2 more books are going to be released in this series. Fans of the book were shocked by the cliffhanger ending. Not to mention the love square that is going on between 4 of the main characters, which is not even close to being resolved.

The book itself is meant to parallel ancient Rome. In order to fight against the oppressive dystopian government, Laia disguises herself as a slave. As a slave she enters the Martial Academy and acts as a spy for the Resistance. Her journey working with the Resistance reveals some ugly truths about how people act when times are tough and when war is on the horizon.


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