The Dark Universe Lives?

After the very bad reviews of Universal’s first attempt at the Dark Universe: The Mummy which starred Tom Cruise, it seems as though the company has more plans in the works for more additions to the universe.



The next official movie in the Dark Universe is the Bride of Frankenstein. You would at least think that they would do a Frankenstein movie first but…okay. There isn’t any news about who will be playing the Bride, but the monster will be played Javier Bardem. The script is written with Bill Condon signed on to direct.

The Invisible Man, is also set to debut in theaters in 2020.


Image via Fandango


There are talks about Universal doing The Creature From the Black Lagoon, The Phantom of The Opera, Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde, The Wolfman and a sequel to Dracula. But it really is up in the air if these movies will ever get made.

If you would like to watch these famous monsters I would highly encourage you to watch and read the originals. I’d also recommend The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen to see them team up, as well as Mad Monster Partywhich is an extremely fun claymation musical from the sixties.  If you love classic monsters these will not disappoint.


Featured Image Via Horror Fuel