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‘The Da Vinci Code’s Dan Brown Is in a Plagiarism Lawsuit Inferno

As an author, you’ve got to have thick skin and a sure mind if you’re going to put your work out there. Criticism of your writing can feel bad, but accusations of plagiarism are so much worse. Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code and  Angels & Demons, is now one of those authors accused.


Dan Brown

 Dan Brown. | Image Via Famous Authors

Brown has a plagiarism lawsuit on his hands for copyright infringement brought on by fellow author Jack Dunn. According to an article by Market Watch, Dunn has stated that Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code is terribly similar in plot points, scenes, and more to his 1997 book, The Vatican Boys.


Jack Dunn

 Jack Dunn. | Image Via MarketWatch

It’s a little like deja vu because Dunn has brought this exact case against Brown to court in 2007. It was dismissed. This time he’s bringing it back to Brown’s publisher, Penguin Random House. Yikes!


The U.K. law firm taking on Dunn’s case recently sent a letter to the publishing company:


There are hundreds of similarities between The Vatican Boys and The Da Vinci Code which comprise copying portions of The Vatican Boys in the form of storylines, plots, characters, historical information, scenes, themes and even factual error which have been appropriated from The Vatican Boys by Mr. and/or Mrs. Brown in writing The Da Vinci Code.


At some point in the letter, the firm explains their belief that the Browns (Blythe Brown helps her husband, Dan Brown, with research) wrote the novel with Dunn’s book open right next to them. That’s crazy! Brown has had two previous authors file similar claims of copying, but also lost. That’s why Dunn took so long to file a suit after 2007. “After the judge kicked it out, I got a letter from Random House attorneys saying they were going to nail me for heavy-duty losses unless I signed off. I was tired and signed off.”



 Image Via MarketWatch

Now Dunn is bringing it back with evidence to prove Brown both read and copied large portions of his book. For these two authors, I’d say the next few months will be as intense as their books.


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