The CW to Develop Female-Led Comedy Series Based on Dorian Gray!

The studio behind hits such as Riverdale, The CW, is developing a female-led comedy based on Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray! Who would have thought?



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According to Deadline, writer and actress Marisa Coughlan has gender-swapped the story! Dorian will be a woman who has spent the last fifty years living a selfish, youthful lifestyle, breaking hearts and fulfilling all her desires without any consequences. Having made a deal with the devil to stay forever young, she now wishes to live a regular life and grow old and grey, but she must first atone for her sinful past.


The show is currently in pre-development with producer Len Goldstein and Warner Bros. TV behind the project. The 1890s classic centers around the beauty of Dorian Gray’s self portrait, knowing that one day his beauty with cease, he expresses that he would rather sell his soul to stay young and beautiful. After proclaiming his deepest desire for the painting to capture his age, his wish is fulfilled and he begins to live a degenerate lifestyle, all the while the painting captures all his sinful acts.


The book was most recently adapted to a film in 2009 starring Ben Barnes and Colin Firth.



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