‘The Cursed Child’, Now Available for Dyslexic and Blind Readers

The past week has been abuzz with hype surrounding the debut of The Cursed Child on West End, and its release in book format. Everyone and their mother is itching to get their hands on tickets, or a copy. 


Now, thanks to The Royal National Institute for the Blind, and British Dyslexia Association, the script will be made available in giant print and braille for the blind and dyslexic!

The braille copy is already available, and the dyslexic version is on the way. It’s a hugely generous move on the part of both publishers, to get these books on the shelves in such a timely manner. This way, those with reading difficulties don’t have to feel like they are late to the party. 

The publication of the book is in collaboration with Little Brown. Check out the books on their site!


Featured image courtesy of Standard