‘The Cursed Child’ is in High Demand

Potter and J.K. Rowling fans all know that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts I & II will be released on July 31st. Wait- that sounds familiar… July 31st? Oh yeah, that’s also Harry Potter’s birthday! Is there even a better way to celebrate the wizard’s 35th year of life?

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Barnes & Noble just announced that the Cursed Child is their most pre-ordered book since the final installment of the Harry Potter series came out in 2007: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Now that’s Potter dedication if I dare say so myself. “We expect it to be our biggest selling book of the year,” proclaimed Mary Amicucci, Chief Merchandising Officer at Barnes & Noble.


Bookstores and fans are preparing for the exciting release in a number of ways. There was a traffic-stopping ‘Muggle Mob’ outside of New York City’s Scholastic Headquarters, a number of bookstores are hosting Cursed Child release parties, and nationwide, Barnes & Noble is hosting a Midnight Magic Party. Their party will feature “trivia, costume contests, face-painting, wand-making and a special Muggle Wall where customers can share their favorite memories of Harry Potter.”

If you haven’t preordered but still want to, there’s definitely time! I rushed to finish The Deathly Hallows so nobody could give away the ending; you may want to do the same with The Cursed Child. Just some advice from one Potter fan to another.

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