The Crimes of JK Rowling’s PA: Accused of Stealing £23,000

A personal assistant formerly in the employ of JK Rowling has been accused of stealing more than £23,000 (about $29,300) from the Harry Potter author, reports The Telegraph.


Amanda Donaldson was fired in 2017 after reports of unauthorized spending came to light. According to Rowling’s husband Dr. Neil Murray, the thefts included thousands of pounds at a cosmetics store, a stationary shop, and Starbucks, (which probably accounted for about a week’s worth of coffee.) After her termination, a safe she had access to be missing even money, and coworkers of her said she often misused the company card for business expenses. But most egregiously of all, the civil complaint filed by Murray and Rowling claims that Donaldson stole Harry Potter branded merchandise intended for sick and dying children. Even Lord Voldemort and Gellert Grindelwald would consider that last one cold.


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Dr. Murray said that the civil suit is a matter of principle, and that if this had been a small business then Donaldson’s thefts could have caused quite a lot of harm. He explained that when he confronted her over the fraud, she remained completely calm and denied the allegation with none of the telltale signs of lying. This is a man who ran a methadone clinic, so he knows what a liar looks like.

On all of the unauthorized spending, the doctor added, “I think the vast majority was purchased by Amanda for Amanda.”



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