The Crazy Rich Asians Trailer Is Finally Out

The trailer for Crazy Rich Asians just dropped today and we are so excited. It looks so good. Kevin Kwan’s hysterical 2013 debut novel tells a story about what might happen when the man of your dreams turns out to be insanely rich. Very probable, I know. It is a contemporary story about true love and family with super relatable characters, making it feel like this could actually happen to you. And seeing someone actually stand up to their parent-in-law? Amazing.



The trailer reveals that the killer cast is choc-full of faces we all know and love, and there are some new ones we may not have seen before. Our protagonist is Fresh Off The Boat star Constance Wu, her enemy, Michelle Yeoh who you may recognize from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or, more recently, Star Trek: Discovery.


There are beautiful shots of lavish cars, private helicopters, and huge parties. On the flip side, there are also glimpses of a wicked, wary mother-in-law and our discouraged but resilient protagonist. This stark contrast of bright and dark gives us a sort of false nostalgia. Remember that book with the cross between Great Gatsby, Cinderella, and Pride And Prejudice?


The relatable characters, well known themes, and attractively luxurious cinematography promises for a great film that people, young and old, will enjoy watching .


If you haven’t read the novel, this trailer alone will make you want to. Crazy Rich Asians is set to release August 17th.


Featured Image Via Preview Magazine