The Countdown is Over…Midnight Sun is Happening!

This is not a drill, people, I repeat this is not a drill! Stephenie Meyer’s website countdown has finally ended and on mobile it takes you directly to a Facebook page called Fickle Fish Films.

At first I was like what is going on? The about page states: Fickle Fish Films was created by Stephenie Meyer and Meghan Hibbett as a dynamic home for literature-related films and media.

Then I thought okay maybe this is Facebook group for another film club but then I tapped Posts, and oh…my life changed. Fickle Fish Films’ post an hour ago, for day 0, was indeed an announcement for Midnight Sun! There is a very short video of landscape but above it said “Midnight Sun-August 4, 2020.” Yes, really!

Here is a video from the author herself from Good Morning America.

Fans are going crazy in the comments, thanking Meyer, and pointing out how after twelve (yes, count them, twelve long years) Midnight Sun is finally coming out. And of course Twitter is coming in clutch with hilarious memes and videos.





I am extremely excited for Midnight Sun, it’s been years in the making and I can’t wait to see how it turned out.

Featured image via Mashable India


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