The Columbia Room’s Literary Cocktail is Infused With Old Book

At The Columbia Room in Washington, D.C., you can literally drink a book. The cocktail, called “In Search of Time Past” includes pieces of old books, in the drink. Don’t worry, no classics were destroyed. Owner Derek Brown told The Washingtonian that he got the idea from a bar called, El Celler de Can Roca, in Spain. 

According to The Washingtonian,

“The old books are combined with Armagnac, vintage PX sherry, a porcini cordial, and eucalyptus to create a sweet dessert drink with a “savory edge.” The cocktail is served in a flask that’s placed inside a hollowed-out book. It’s paired with a chocolate shiso leaf…The pages were vacuum-sealed with grapeseed oil, then the infusion was fat-washed with a neutral high-proof spirit.”

The goal was to replicate the opening of an old book or a trip to an old library. What do you think? Would you try it?


Featured image courtesy of Washingtonian