The College Admissions Scam Artist Wrote College Application Books

The college admission scandal, in which many wealthy parents paid thousands of dollars to get their kids into college on any means necessary, rocked the news cycle all last week and continues to do so. At the center of it all is Rick Singer, the head of the non-profit foundation where the payments were being made. Singer’s scheme ensnared many high-profile names including actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman as well as author Jane Buckingham, which you can read here.


A lot has come out in the wake of this scandal, but perhaps the most ironic thing about all of this: Singer wrote two books about how to get into college. Titled Getting In, these two books offer advice for prospective college students.

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According to The Washington Post, the advice that Singer offers in pretty vague. General advice such as “take hard courses” and “follow college applications” are present, as well as some questionable tips on how to turn yourself into a “brand” to make yourself stand out more.


What really gets your attention are the testimonials from college students who were struggling to get into the college of their choice only for Singer’s advice helping them achieve their dreams. Each testimonial employs the same “pick yourself up by your bootstraps and work hard to get what you want” story line, which is a pretty far cry from what Singer actually did to get kids in.


Singer’s books are still available on Amazon. Even if you don’t want to purchase them, you can still have fun reading the bad user reviews.



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