The Cast of ’13 Reasons Why’ Are Friends in Real Life

The Netflix adaptation of Jay Asher’s 13 Reasons Why was recently released on March 31st. I have to admit I binged the entire series in one weekend. Yes, that’s right. I watch 13 hours of a show in less than 2 days. If you haven’t started the show yet, do it! It’s addicting, real, and heartbreaking. You’ll be drawn in from the first episode and you’ll want to know what happens. While watching the show, you can tell the chemistry between the cast is spot on. The acting is superb and there’s a reason! The cast of the show are friends in real life! 

1) They go to movies together!


2) They dress up for Halloween together


We are so damn fabulous

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3) They chill in dressing rooms together


after seeing Lana del Rey once

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4) They go to baseball games


13 reasons why peoples ????????????????

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Baaaaaaaasssseeeebaaaaaaalllllll #giants #diamondbacks #ATTPark

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5) They face swap!


6) They play cards and eat snacks


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7) They match outfits


Ok but one of us has gotta change #twinning @13reasonswhy #bts

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8) And they take flawless group pictures


Family. @13reasonswhy

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Featured image courtesy of Alisha Boe