The Harry Potter Exhibition

The British Invasion: Harry Potter Will Soon Take On NYC!

This is not a drill! The new and rare Harry Potter exhibit is coming to the Big Apple in one year and to say we’re excited is a wicked understatement.


The British Library is hosting ‘Harry Potter: A History of Magic’ and, although it’s a whole year away for fans in New York City, we’re already getting hints of what to expect. With Fawkes majestically splayed across the upcoming book cover, we have no doubt our eyes will behold something fantastic. The Leaky Cauldron describes to us what the designers are planning to create. From the Astronomy room with a spherical shape and levitation vibes to the Herbology room with floating plant pots and earthy tones, we can tell there’s not a detail they missed.


Harry Potter Dorm

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Designers of the magical exhibit wanted to combine features of the novel, what the fans love, and the British Library itself. For all three of these to come together in one harmonious display will be completely spellbinding. 


According to amNewYork, drawings by illustrator Jim Kay and manuscripts by the renowned J. K. Rowling  will be seen by all for the very first time. The New York Historical Society’s debut of the exhibit will fall perfectly upon the 20th anniversary of the U.S. publication of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


The British Library Books

Image Via J. K. Rowling


The New York run of this event will have the city’s personal twist on it with artifacts from the NYHS as well as Scholastic. While the fun begins in London on October 20th, Scholastic will also publish Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic on the same day for those fans in the U.S. who just can’t wait for the wizardry that awaits them. Then Scholastic will publish (yet again) another version of Harry Potter: A History of Magic as a sort of coffee-table read for those who want sorcery and enchantment every minute of the day. Isn’t it bloody amazing?!



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The New York Historical Society will be releasing exhibition and ticket info soon enough. Keep your eyes peeled and your wands at the ready.



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