‘The Big Thing’ Expertly Captures The Beauty of Silver Linings During COVID-19 Through A Child’s Eyes

“The Big Thing” is a new children’s book that uniquely explains the COVID-19 pandemic through the young eyes of a five-year-old girl. This book is the product of writers Alex Friedman and Angela Meng along with illustrator Alvaro Gonzalez, who wanted to help children, parents, teachers, and families– across all cultures – navigate these uncertain circumstances. An international team from the United States, China, Uruguay, and Nicaragua worked in record time while in lockdown to produce this book within months. The story is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese so families across the globe can enjoy this comforting book.



The story is about a five-year-old girl named Bea, who learns about COVID-19 as it unfolds and begins to understand the importance of identification and prevention. Just like many young children, Bea struggles with confusion, frustration, and sadness as she remains isolated from her school, friends, and extended family. Things start to turn around when Bea’s teacher helps her learn about the idea of a “silver lining,” and how they exist in just about any situation. All of a sudden, Bea starts noticing the silver linings in her world; how the sky is getting bluer as the environment begins to flourish again, and the importance of checking in on friends and family while sticking together when trying times surface.


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This book about resilience, duty, unity, and appreciation encourages readers to find the silver linings every day, and control what we can: our attitude, actions, and kindness. This story will certainly stick with readers as they navigate the ever-changing world, right along with Bea.

“The Big Thing” is available for free via download here in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It is also available on Amazon in kindle or printed form. All proceeds made will go to COVID-19 charities.

More than ever, we need ideas, books and arts that unite us, lift our spirits and help us through the difficulties – that is the big thing we need to collectively combat, I enjoyed translating the book for kids and families in China, not only because it’s a lovely book, but because it sends a very important universal message

book translator Jill Peng



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