The Best Writers Weigh in on ‘The Blank Page’

The very cool folks at Louisiana Channel have just given us some high quality insight on writer’s block and facing the dreaded blank page. Check out the video below!

They interviewed some ‘uuuuuge name authors, like: Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Jonathan Franzen, Lydia Davis, and others. For the aspiring writers out there, the consensus is a little depressing. Most agree that the blank page is largely a myth, or a manifestation of your own insecurity, and that it is always best to show up to the page with something to write. Franzen eloquently says: “the blank page in the mind has to be filled before you have the courage to face the actual blank page.” 

Atwood says on writer’s block, “As for flow, it is a bit like skiing, so if you’re skiing downhill and you stop in the middle to think how am I doing this, you’ll fall over.”

Whaddya think of the advice? Let us know in the comments!


Featured image courtesy of The Black Sheep Online