The Best Surprise: My Mom Sent Me My Books

Everyone loves to get mail, especially if it’s a package! It feels like it’s your birthday, or the Holidays; there’s always a surprise waiting beyond the cardboard. You bring the package into your home, you silently thank the mail-people for delivering it and not making you trudge to the office to wait in line for it, and you’re good to go! Well, for us bookworms, there’s really nothing better than getting books in the mail. That’s exactly what happened to me the other day. 

I received a package – one I wasn’t expecting – from my OG home (that’s my original home..aka where my family lives). The box had a warning on the outside that it was perishable, so at first I thought it was food.  

 Image courtesy of Giphy  

But upon opening the box, I realized that it was not food and my mom just used a random box she found. IT WAS BOOKS! MY BOOKS!

Image courtesy of Tenor 

See, when I moved away for college, I had to leave my precious books behind. I hadn’t the suitcase space nor the bookshelf to house all of them. But now…NOW I AM READY. These books are coming back to me box by box and they will be loved again. No more waiting. No more dust. They have returned to me. 

Image courtesy of Giphy 

Thanks Mom.



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