The Best Of Harry Potter On Bookstr

As many of you are, we here at Bookstr are totally obsessed with all things boy wizard. So, in honor of Harry’s twentieth year in the world, here is a selected list of some our best Potter-related content. Think of it as your own virtual pensive! 


1. Top 10 Quotes from ‘Harry Potter’ and Can You Finish These ‘Harry Potter’ Quotes?


2. Quiz: Which ‘Harry Potter’ Character Said It?


3. 19 Harry Potter Themed Pastries Too Magical to Be Real


4.The Ten Greatest Daniel Radcliffe Moments in Harry Potter


5. More ‘Harry Potter’ Terms May Be Added to the Dictionary


6. This Woman Can Recite Every Word from Every ‘Harry Potter’ Book


7. 17 ‘Harry Potter’ Book Covers from Around the World


8. J. K. Rowling’s Rags-to-Riches Story Is As Powerful As Ever


9. Quiz: Which Potter Character is Your Zodiac Sign?


10. 10 Things Every ‘Harry Potter’ Fan Does


11. This Potter-Themed Pub Will Cast A Spell On You


12. Quiz: Do You Know What These Spells Do?


13. J.K. Rowling Posts Rejection Letters to Inspire Other Writers


14. Watch an Amazing Paper Hogwarts be Born in This Stop-Motion Video


15. There’s an Illustrated List of Hogwarts Staff Members and Which Hogwarts Professor Are You?


16. J.K. Rowling Reveals Her All-Time Favorite Harry Potter Chapter


17. Why Hermione is the Greatest Wizard of All


18. Watch Daniel Radcliffe’s Audition For the Role of Harry Potter


19. Would You Rather: The Harry Potter Edition


20. ‘Potterotica’ is the Harry Potter Fanfic You Never Knew You Needed



Featured image courtesy of Potter Talk