The Best Holiday Book Trees

With the holidays very much upon us, what better way to celebrate than with books? For all the book lovers out there, we wish you a merry Bookmas with these wonderful book tree ideas!

Courtesy of Writers Write Creative Blog

This apartment-sized tree is twice the fun with mini books hanging as ornaments.

Courtesy of KaylaAimee

Learn to make these beautiful glitter trees from your book pages here!

Courtesy of Thoughts from Alice

This tree is perfect for those lacking space–as these gorgeous old books stand up against a wall.

Courtesy of Creative Tryals

Adorable and easy to make, these book trees make very pretty table toppers.

Courtesy of Bedford Book Club

Another table top book tree that features a perfect nutcracker on top.

Courtesy of Flickr

This library is really getting into the spirit of things!

Courtesy of Etsy

You can actually buy this detailed tree! No work necessary and it’ll live forever.

Courtesy of Family Sponge

Courtesy of Family Sponge

This masterpiece took 80 books to make and is perfect for someone with a lot of books lying around.

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

While this might be an impossible feat for those without this awesome shelving unit–this office tree is pretty brilliant.


Courtesy of Library Richard

Another festive library book tree requires more books than we can count!

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