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The Best Books Coming to Screens This October

Fall is here, book lovers. As nice as it was to sit outside in the sun and read our books, we’ll now have to deal with leaves falling on our heads or slipping on leaves or choking on leaves. There’s a general danger surrounding the presence of leaves. The only place to find solace is inside a movie theater. Luckily, October has many film adaptations of books (and movies about writers) in store for us.


October 6


Blade Runner 2049


Blade Runner 2049 poster

Image Via Warner Bros.


This one’s a sequel to the 1982 sci-fi classic Blade Runner, which was based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, and Jared Leto star, and it’s directed by Arrival’s Denis Villeneuve. It’s unclear how much inspiration 2049 will draw from Dick’s book, but the trailer does seem to include some things the original Blade Runner left out.


The Mountain Between Us


'The Mountain Between Us' pic

Image Via 20th Century Fox


Kate Winslet and Idris Elba co-star in the movie based on a novel of the same name by Charles Martin. Winslet and Elba play two strangers who are forced to take a charter flight together. The charter flight crashes. Though they survive, the pair are then forced to try and make out of the wilderness alive.


October 13


The Foreigner


The Foreigner poster

Image Via STXFilms


Based on the novel The Foreigner (previously published as The Chinaman) by Stephen Leather, Jackie Chan stars in this movie that’s…basically Taken with Jackie Chan. Yeah, that’s about it. Check out the trailer here if you need more convincing, which, what’s wrong with you, you shouldn’t.


Goodbye Christopher Robin


AA Milne movie

Image Via Fox Searchlight Pictures


A. A. Milne, creator of Winnie-the-Pooh, is getting his own biopic. It looks really sad from the trailer. It actually looks unreasonably sad considering it’s ultimately about a talking teddy bear. Nicholas Barber, film critic for BBC, called it ‘a wolf in teddy bear clothing.’ Still, maybe you want to see it.


Professor Marston & The Wonder Women


Professor Marston

Image Via Annapurna Pictures


Did you know it was a psychologist who created Wonder Woman? Because it was, and a movie is now coming out about his life. The film follows Professor William Marston’s relationship with his wife and mistress, and, of course, the creation of Wonder Woman. Hot off the success of DC’s Wonder Woman solo film, this one will surely scoop up the comic fans.


October 20


The Snowman


The Snowman poster

Image Via Universal Pictures


Based on the novel of the same name by Jo Nesbø, this mystery follows a detective who’s investigating the disappearance of a girl, which is somehow connected to some creepy snowmen. Starring Michael Fassbender, and coming from Tomas Alfredson (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Let the Right One In), this will definitely be quality.


Same Kind of Different as Me


Same Kind of Different as Me

Image Via Paramount Pictures


Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Ron Hall, Denver Moore, and Lynn Vincent, this is the touching story of how an art dealer and a modern-day slave become close friends. It’s a true story, and the book was co-written by the two friends, Ron Hall and Denver Moore. The movie stars Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, and Greg Kinnear.





Image Via FilmNation Entertainment


Based on the novel of the same name by Brian Selznick, this movie follows a young girl in New York City from about fifty years ago who’s attempting to solve a mystery. Interestingly, the story simultaneously follows a contemporary young Midwestern boy who is still trying to unravel the mystery.


Feature Images Via Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures