The BEST Bookish Valentine’s Gift You’ll Give This Year

Keepster is a service that will print any of your texts, messages, photos, digital hopes and dream into a book (good enough for any duchess!)

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Love is in the air, even if we can’t tell under our masks. With Valentine’s Day creeping up on us – I know you’ve seen the CVS chocolate aisle – it’s already time to get thinking about the perfect gift for that perfect person. Or maybe you’re single, and in that case need a treat. Either way, Keepster has got you COVERED! Before I go any further, it’s not just me that thinks Keepster would make a good gift. If Bridgerton were real, we know the world’s most infamous gossip since Gossip Girl herself would agree:

Members of the ton have been agape and aghast at the saucy letters sent between the Duke of Hastings and his Duchess. Not even I, Lady Whistledown, could print them in this pamphlet as to do so would be to scandalise the nation. Rather, the Duke should opt for a Keepster book, to keep his professions of love and descriptions of marital relations all in one place, and away from prying eyes. Methinks a collection of correspondence an excellent idea for a present fit for a Duchess.

*Disclaimer: Bookstr cannot confirm that they had Keepster or iPhones in the 1800s.

Image via Keepster


Celebrity endorsement aside, you’re probably asking yourself what Keepster even is. So let me tell you, Keepster is a service that will print any of your texts, messages, photos, digital hopes and dream into a book (good enough for any duchess!) All you do is download the app from the website, and backup your messages from your phone to your computer, and if you’d like you can also organize and search for specific messages, by keyword or date. I cannot stress the ease of this enough. You can rest assured that all of your messages and group chat hilarity is safe, and all for the price of $0.

BUT the best part is that you can turn these messages from your backup into a BOOK. You can cherry pick your favorite texts, or grab some back-and-forths en masse, and transform them into a piece of literary loveliness. Here’s where Keepster can really make you a Valentine’s Day winner. You can take ALL of your sweet nothings from your significant other, every good morning text and late-night ‘I Love You!’, and organise them into a book, making the perfect gift in the process. After all, nothing says I love you like a transcript of your love affair.


Image via Keepster


You could open the book with that very first text sent (even if it’s a cringey one of you shooting your shot). Your next chapter could be the flirting back and forth with your lover, third chapter could be proof of that time you told your partner not to watch the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy and they did anyway, and so on and so forth. Top tip: IF you are looking to propose, the last text can be the question!

Not to leave any singles out, why not turn your Gal Pal group chat into a book? Reminisce on all of the friends in your life, and how much love you have for them! Galentine’s Day exists too you know. You can take all of the first date rundowns, breakup support groups, romantic crises memes, and put them in one place, or gift them to the friends that make single life anything but lonely.


Image via Keepster


The Keepster app makes everything easy and streamlined, their customer service is friendly and efficient. You have total creative control over covers, titles, fonts, colors, the works. They have speedy shipping and a wonderful end product. I could go on, but I’m taking up valuable time that could be spent creating the most romantic gift of 2021!! They have an incredible 20% off on their website here, too, to get you started. So what are you waiting for?

P.S. If any Valentine’s proposals happen, make sure you text a friend about it so they can feature the text in a wedding Keepster!!

Feature image via Keepster