The Bern Book

Bernie Sanders is the grandfather we never had. He’s an advocate for the lower class, a Civil Rights advocate, and he just cares so much. He was pushed out of the Presidential Election, but made it further than anyone could have imagined.

His appeal was social. He wanted to fight for the lower and middle classes, to distribute wealth (stop making the rich richer and making the poor poorer), and minimize government interference, when unnecessaryHis other stances included: raising the minimum wage, lowering the burden of student loans, and expanding Social Security Benefits.

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So, basically everything that would make our country amazing. But, you know, powerful people hate him! “You want to make the lower and middle class…have a better standard of living? Yuck! Let’s rig this election people.”

Anyways…Bernie, as if he couldn’t get any cooler, is writing a YA novel! That’s right folks! His new book, Our Revolution, according to CNN, “is being adapted for teenagers and being pitched to booksellers as a high school graduation gift.” He told The Nation, “The Democrats have got to open the door to young people.” The YA novel does not have a title yet, but is set to be released in April 2017.  

Keep a lookout for Bernie’s book!


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