The Barber Shop That Rewards Young Readers, Revisted

Ryan Griffin, as we talked about in our last article, encourages kids who come into his barbershop to read. In Ypsilanti, Michigan, Fuller Cut offers a $2 discount to kids who come to get their hair cut and read aloud to their barber. 

Ever since NPR broke the story on Fuller Cut, Griffin said the phone at the shop has been ringing non-stop.  

Images courtesy of Huffington Post

The barber shop has received a ton of mail recently. From letters expressing how amazing this program is to book donations and even money. 

Griffin said, “If everybody took one book — one book — to their barbershop this Saturday and said, ‘Hey, I’m gonna leave this book here just in case you want kids to read,’ then you’ve done the same thing I did.”  

Take a book to your local barbershop or salon! 


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