The Baby Beyond the Wall—Rose Leslie and Kit Harington Announce Pregnancy

Okay, so maybe Jon Snow knows one thing.

The most lovable couple onscreen and in real-life, Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, announced that they are expecting their first child. Leslie—who met Harrington filming Game of Thrones and married him in 2018—stylishly debuted her baby bump in the new issue of the UK magazine, Make.

Fans of the show embraced Leslie’s portrayal of Ygritte, largely due to her resilience and her lighthearted banter with Jon Snow.

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In the interview, Leslie discussed her penchant for playing uninhibited characters, saying, “It’s appealing to play a character with a bit of resilience and backbone. I’ll play any type of character, of course, but I am drawn to those who are forced to step out of their comfort zone.”



So, what is Leslie’s real-life comfort zone? According to the actress: “I’ve lived in London for 13 years now and I love it, but I’m more of a country bumpkin than a town mouse.” Perhaps this is why her and Harington recently bought a home in the English countryside, a Tudor manor which Rose jokingly dubbed, “the house that Jon Snow built.”

“What a glorious thing to be able to run to the countryside and recoup,” she said. “It’s a great privilege to be surrounded by greenery, birdsong and hedgerows, and our delightful neighbours. It’s so peaceful.”
Admittedly, that sounds far more peaceful than life at Castle Black.



Fans of GOT are sure to celebrate the couple’s announcement, as we are finally getting the happy ending that Leslie and Harington’s onscreen counterparts were deprived of. And who knows, maybe we’ll even luck out and they’ll choose a GOT-related name for the baby. Mance Rose-Harington, anyone?


                                                                         Feature image via WhatIsHot