Book cover and J.K. Rowling's chair

The Art of ‘Harry Pottery’ Explored in Amazing New Book

A new book sets out to chart the world of Harry Potter collectibles and the extent to which this world supports the fandom. 


Harry Potter-The Unofficial Guide to The Collectibles of Our Favorite Wizard‘ features over 300 pieces of ‘Harry Potter’ related bounty, from J.K Rowling’s chair to the $50,000 first-editions of the book. 


J.K. Rowling's chair at auction

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The book, which is beautifully illustrated and designed, serves as an introduction to the vast world of Harry Pottery (the collecting of Potter related merchandise). It also explores the fandom surrounding the Potterverse. J.K. Rowling’s chair in which she wrote the series sold for $394,000, while a couple spent $40,000 on a Potter-themed wedding. 


Book cover

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Bradley explores the story behind the global obsession with ‘Harry Potter’ through the art and collectibles that have arisen from it, and looks at “how fans and the marketplace contribute to the enduring love behind these enigmatic characters and the books that launched a million imaginations.”


Image Courtesy of Fine Books Magazine and Independent