book folding

The Art of Book Folding Is The New Way to Resurrect Old Books!

One of the struggles of being an avid reader is running out of room for your collection of books. Many bookworms despise getting rid of books, even if they haven’t picked them up in years. Rather than letting them pile up on overcrowded bookcases or getting dusty in storage boxes, you can now put your unwanted books on display as a work of art!


Add a little literary decor to your home by transforming unwanted or unused books into artwork through the process of book folding. This process is relatively easy and delivers an array of intricate and stunning creations. 


If you’re trying it out for the first time, check out this introductory lesson, published by Johwey Redington, that offers in-depth instruction on a more simplistic design. 



If you want to challenge yourself on a more advanced and hands-on design, check out this video!




Featured Image Via Johwey Redington / YouTube